Monday, August 17, 2009

KHAS : Thenks IPOH

The Gig wuz AWESOME... Thenks to ALL our supporter... WE r making new frens at IPOH... Ini adalah kali pertama kami bermain di Ipoh, dan ianya memberikan pengalaman manis kepada kami... Sudah pasti gig di Ipoh sangat berbeza berbanding gig-gig yang pernah kami main sebelom ini... The crowd is SEMPOI... Hahaha

Very big thenks to Eros, AZat (moonlight) AND our new frens Boy (Hamkmog), Farid (Hamkmog), mazdoo city, Coffeecandy, nameless + The Cry sister....

Friday, August 7, 2009

KHAS : WE will rock da stage on 15 August

Parasite Nation is NOT dead yet... WE will performing at Perak gigs this 15 August... And WE r proudly invite OUR friends and whoever who knows us to join OUR party this 15 August...

Very special thanks to OUR fellows friends from Ipoh for giving us this golden opportunity... It makes US feel like WE r going to be young again... Hahaha... DAMN... (terkenang zaman dulu2)

Big Thanks to Moonlight band, artitmedia label and OUR organiser, EVO community... MMuuahh, love you all

WE will launch our second EP, insyaallah after raya.... For those who miss our first EP, u can listen it by clicking link below... Thenksss
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